Treasure Maps – Creating Physical Images of Your Guitar Playing Success

Using physical images for achieving goals has been practiced for at least 40,000 years. Think about the cave drawings discovered in Europe and Asia and inscriptions on the walls of Egyptian temples and pyramids.  The cave wall drawings were mainly pictures of hunting scenes showing the people who drew them succeeding in hunting and killing their prey. The Egyptians for their part would create representations of the Pharaohs enjoying success in war and the afterlife. In both cases the artists were considered to have been using a physical image to project what they wanted to happen in the future. Their belief being that seeing the images regularly would keep their targets in mind, motivate them to succeed and help them draw their desired outcomes towards them.

My own initial exposure to this as a technique for getting what you want occurred slightly later, in the bestselling book by Shakti Gawain “Creative Visualization” where she called such images ‘Treasure Maps’.

It’s similar to mental visualization in that you create a representation of what you want to achieve but now you’ll make it something tangible. Something ‘outside of yourself’ as it were. Something you can touch.

How to Make Your Treasure Map

Gawain recommends that you collect pictures of the kind of objects, people or situations you want in your life and stick them onto a page in a journal or scrapbook – ideally with your affirmations (read here) written around them.

I know musicians who, in the past, have printed out pictures of themselves and stuck them into gigging, recording or ‘being interviewed’ scenes they’ve ripped from music magazines. Then the whole new ‘doctored’ image would be placed in their journals with affirmations written down around edges. These would be kept safe and looked at from time to time.

Now of course we have software programmes and apps we can use to do our treasure mapping. You can edit yourself into any situation and use images of your loved ones or those you wish to impress, awe or just play your music in front of to your heart’s desire.

Here are links to some popular programmes – although take care, the larger ones can work out expensive.

The last one above is also available as an app for both Android and Apple but there are plenty of others you could use and that you’ll find with a quick search.

For best results with this technique, just try to replicate one of your mental scenes where you have achieved your guitar playing goals.

Add some words onto or close to the image like:

“Here I am easily playing the solos to <song x> in front of my amazed bandmates.”

or whatever is relevant for you. You can use speech bubbles or inverted commas to illustrate what people are saying as you achieve your goal. It needn’t be perfect or professional as it’s for your eyes only.

Keep copies of your treasure map safely on your phone, tablet, pc or printed versions, which ever you’re likely to look at in private most during the day. That’s it! You don’t have to do anything other than take a look at it and feel the excitement every so often.

It will work its magic in the same way as the process has done for thousands of years.

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