Creating Your New Soundtrack – The Force of Affirmations

How great would it be to have a way that, once you set it up, would require zero effort, time or money to help you learn to play or improve your ability as a guitarist?

Here’s a very simple but extremely powerful way to use your goals and those new beliefs you want to adopt – and do exactly that.

Reading Your Words

This very basic technique, which is so underestimated it feels almost overkill to call it a ‘technique’, is simply to read through your list of goals and new beliefs on a daily basis. If you can do this twice a day that’s ideal and if you can be somewhere private to read the statements out loud – so much the better. These are what will now become known as your affirmations. This simple act of reading through your goals and new beliefs would, over time, be enough by itself to create the changes you want as your mind gradually accepts each statement as fact.

However, for faster more convenient and more powerful results you need to hear the statements on a regular basis. Hearing them will reach a much deeper level of your mind than simply reading them to yourself. The more you hear them, the more your mind will absorb them.

Hearing Your Words

The best way to do this is to record yourself saying your goal and belief statements out loud. Then set it to loop (repeat over and over) for a minimum of 30 minutes. Play this back to yourself as much as you can during the day.

You can do this into the voice recorder app on your mobile or tablet or whatever’s easiest and then listen at your convenience when you have a little free time. You can even drift off to sleep at night listening to them – which actually is a very good time and a powerful way to access deep levels of your mind – as you’ll see later.

Putting Your Words To Music

Taking this simple voice recording technique to the next level (which is the method I personally prefer) you can put some backing music to it.

I don’t mean sing the words, unless you’re especially creative and want to write a song around them, just embed your spoken vocal track onto some other music. Something you find peaceful and relaxing to listen to would be ideal. You could even record yourself on guitar if you prefer. The beauty of this more musical method is that you don’t even have to be able to physically hear your voice in the mix for it to work! This is because the statements will be heard on a subconscious level and so still be effective in ‘reprogramming’ your mind.

When I record my own affirmations, I set the volume of the vocal down pretty low in the mix. Basically, so I can just about make out the odd word or phrase over the whole album of relaxing instrumental music I set the looped vocal onto. One helpful point to consider is that the lower you mix the vocals, the easier it will be to use the overall recording if there are other people around without them wondering what on earth you’re listening to.

However you choose to do it, setting your voice into music means you can enjoy listening to some of your favorite music and get the additional benefit of your affirmations seeping into your mind, gradually filling you with positive self-belief about your guitar-playing ability and moving you closer to your goals.

If you do use music, then you’ll need some basic multi-track software if you don’t already have any. I still use some which I bought for music mixing on PC (Sony Acid) but there are now free options such as Audacity and others you can download via the app store for your tablet or smart phone.

Use your recordings every day and at any opportunity. For example: at the gym, studying, working, drifting off to sleep (as mentioned earlier), general relaxing, reading, or even travelling (one of my own favorites). Aim for at least half an hour each time to give your mind the best chance to fully absorb the information.

Whether you use the simple basic voice recording or turn it into something more musical, once you have made it, the only work involved in using this technique is to turn on the device you’re going to listen with. You don’t have to be actively focusing on the words or even consciously listening while the recording is playing. The new positive messages will still go in and before long be accepted by your brain as the truth. Eventually you will start to act and behave like someone who has completely different inner dialogue as a guitarist from what you’ve been used to.

You may find that you’re more compelled to practice and you enjoy it more or that learning those difficult solos becomes easier.

Now you know how to easily boost your self-belief, we’re going to look at how you can practice and improve your guitar technique without even touching the instrument.

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