Writing Your Own Guitar Player News – More Goals Made Real

Like treasure mapping earlier, this is a simple tool you can use to create a different type of physical version of your guitar-playing goal being achieved.

One guitarist, who was studying for formal exams as a player, wrote a letter to himself as if he were his own tutor. In the letter he congratulated himself on passing his examination – which was his particular short-term goal. The ‘tutor’ continued in the letter saying how proud and pleased he was that the guitarist had been graded at the highest possible level. Along with plenty of practice, the guitarist attributes much of his success to this, what many might call ‘weird’ action of writing the letter.

You can use this in many ways. You could address your letter from an old friend or family member who’s heard about your guitar-playing or band exploits or from a fan of yours. You could compose a newspaper article or music review about yourself. You get the idea.

When you are happy with your piece, you need to send it to yourself.

In the case of the guitarist trying to pass him exam, he used traditional ‘snail mail’, typing the letter out and posting it. Other people email theirs to themselves via a 2nd email account. Personally, I think there’s something more powerful about the physical item travelling through the mail system and then arriving on your doormat. For some reason this seems to greatly add to the feel and effectiveness of the method.

If you feel comfortable attempting this (and I know it may seem bizarre to many people), it’s something you only need to do once for any goal – not on a regular basis. Like all these techniques it can help you create a very strong feeling of actually having achieved your goal. That alone can make it well worth your time and effort.

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